Some more pictures

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These two are actually photocopies of originals – I don’t like these so much – I think they’re a bit bland and shiny looking or something.  I prefer the texture of the originals and I wish I could get him to do something in oil or arcyrlic.  Mind you, given my sustainable living, green principles I suppose I now need to go and look into how paints are made to be able to have any meaningful discussion about that.

 hartmut-020.jpg      hartmut-018.jpg

This one is another original – I like this one but the photo has again come out very blurry:




More pictures

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Am going to be very daring and attempt more than one this time – I think thumbnails are definitely the way to go:




It worked!

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Yay, it worked.  Of course my photos look even blurrier online than I thought they were but at least it’s a start.  And what a good way to waste time after work when I don’t want to go home to face the housemate from hell.  Here’s another one – actually the same one again but this time photo taken without flash so the colours are closer to the real thing:



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Right, trying out this posting an image thing again…


Here we are

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Well, here we are.  First posting.  I’m starting this blog for a friend so it’s probably not fair for me to post a lot.  Hopefully he’ll like it enough to keep using it and you’ll be entertained by all his mad ramblings rather than mine.

Mostly this is just a place to show the world some of his artwork.  I’m new to digital photography though and know even less about art photography than I do about digital so for the time being it’ll be more a case of getting an idea of what pieces look like than anything else.  Hopefully they’ll bring some enjoyment to someone out there nonetheless.  Feel free to leave any comments but please remember this is just for fun so be gentle (especially with me and my not well-honed photography skills!).  I should also point out that I’m relatively new to blogging as well and completely new to wordpress, so things could be a bit all over the place for a while.